Some photos from my ED trips, work in progress

Crossing rivers

Taking to the air

Working in the air

Exhausted host ED napping

On a little side tour to find Nemo

The magnificent (and only) seven ties in town

Tired but well received

Blessed by the community

An ED caravan arriving

A most joyful wellcome
This is the new generation
Remembering, not so long ago.

Yes we learn and learn and learn, and should never stop

Do you recognize this noisy just in time local supply chain?

Is it time for a financial sector assessment? And, if so, will she be able to keep Basel out of her hair?

Flying over future Nam Theum 2. I am no expert but too me it certainly looked liked an as good as it gets location for a hydro dam and my thoughts were more on who will pay for the immense costs all the navel gazing introspection studies must have generated

Why did I get to think of a resettlement resort? Did I see an opportunity of selling expensive timeshare weeks in a developing experience? It seems at least more profitable letting tourists pay for doing what you for centuries have been doing for lousy pay.

Would it have a chance to survive French agricultural subsidies?

Sir, do I have a future here? Or should I go to the city?

Sir, if we were your daughters, do you think we should remain here?